How to Choose the Perfect Anniversary Rings & Bands

Written by ChenJackie


Posted on June 19 2024

An anniversary ring is more than a piece of jewelry; it's a testament to enduring love and the journey you've shared with your partner. Whether it's your first anniversary or a significant milestone, selecting the right ring is a thoughtful process that blends emotion with style. This guide will walk you through choosing an anniversary ring that resonates with personal significance while ensuring it suits your lifestyle and budget.

Understanding the Meaning of Gemstones in Anniversary Rings

Each gemstone carries its unique symbolism, which can add layers of meaning to your anniversary gift. While diamonds are traditionally associated with resilience and eternal love, other gemstones hold different meanings. For instance, sapphires symbolize loyalty and rubies represent passion. What's more, certain milestones are often celebrated with specific metals and gemstones. Here are some traditional recommendations for milestone anniversary rings:

Anniversary Year

Ring Description

Symbolic Meaning



Anniversary Rings


Simple Gold Band/Engraving

Enduring love, strength, prosperity



Anniversary Rings


Garnet ring

Deep love, commitment, passion



Anniversary Rings


Ring featuring pearls

Purity, innocence, lasting union



Anniversary Rings


Blue topaz ring

Love, fidelity, stable relationship



Anniversary Rings


Sapphire ring

Wisdom, loyalty, faithfulness



Anniversary Rings


Amethyst ring

Spirituality, sincerity, lasting romance



Anniversary Rings


Onyx ring

Strength, resilience, overcoming challenges



Anniversary Rings


Tourmaline ring

Patience, understanding, appreciation



Anniversary Rings


Lapis lazuli ring

Truth, trust, deep bond



Anniversary Rings


Diamond ring

Eternal love, commitment, strong relationship



Anniversary Rings


Emerald ring

Growth, renewal



Anniversary Rings


Silver jubilee ring

Purity, clarity, precious union



Anniversary Rings


Pearl jubilee ring

Wisdom, evolution of lasting relationship



Anniversary Rings


Ruby ring

Passion, love, warmth



Anniversary Rings


Golden jubilee ring

Long-lasting, prosperous union

Determining the Style and Design for Anniversary Ring

The design of the anniversary ring should align with your partner's aesthetic. Do they prefer sleek, modern lines, or are they fans of vintage-inspired designs? Observe the jewelry they wear daily for clues about their preferred style.

Classic vs. Modern

Classic designs are timeless, offering an understated elegance that never goes out of fashion. They usually feature clean lines, such as a single stunning diamond sitting atop a simple gold or platinum band, known as a solitaire. If your partner adores pieces that transcend trends and pair well with any outfit, a classic design might be the way to go


Anniversary Rings
Anniversary Rings


Modern rings, on the other hand, break away from the traditional. They play with shapes, offer asymmetrical designs, incorporate different textures, or combine various types of metals for a contemporary look. For example, the gleam of an oval moissanite, with its clear brilliance, set in an Art Deco-inspired yellow gold ring that whispers of vintage glamour yet speaks boldly to modern sensibilities.



Engravable gold anniversary ring


To make an anniversary ring truly unique, personalize it. Engraving your wedding date, the day you met, or a phrase that holds special meaning can turn a gorgeous ring into a narrative of your time together. Engravings take a ring from being just a piece of jewelry to a personalized treasure.

Sizing Your Anniversary Ring to Ensure a Perfect Fit

A well-fitting ring is essential for both comfort and security. A ring that's too tight can be a constant irritant, and one that's too loose might slip off without you noticing until it's too late. Just like in a marriage, the right balance is key. A proper fit will ensure that the ring not only looks great but also feels so natural on the finger that your partner won't want to take it off.

If you're surprising your partner with an anniversary ring, try to discretely ascertain their ring size in advance. You can do this by measuring a ring they already wear or enlisting the help of friends or family who might know their size. Keep in mind that fingers can change size over time due to weight fluctuations or temperature changes, if you are not sure about that, you can leave it to the professionals for the most accurate measure. Jewelers use special tools to determine the perfect size and can account for all those little details you might not think about.

Prioritizing Comfort Features in Anniversary Rings' Design

In addition to size, the overall design of the anniversary ring should prioritize comfort and wearability. You want to choose a ring that feels so cozy on your partner's finger that they'd happily wear it around the clock. Here are some factors that'll have them saying "Ahhh" instead of "Ouch":

Smooth Operators

Sharp edges might look cool, but they can be a literal pain. Go for rings with smooth, rounded edges (think 'comfort fit') that glide over the skin and don't dig in.

Inner Circle


Anniversary Rings


It's not just about the outer design-what's inside counts too. Rings with a rounded interior, often called a 'comfort-fit band', offer extra space underneath the band, allowing the finger to breathe and the ring to slide on like butter.

Metal Matters

If your significant other has ever complained about skin irritation from jewelry, you need to be metal-wise. Platinum and palladium are your BFFs here-they're as gentle on the skin as a feather's touch.

Matching Anniversary Ring with Existing Wedding Sets

If your partner already wears an engagement ring and wedding band, consider how your anniversary ring will fit in with their existing set. You may choose a ring that matches the style and metal of their other rings for a cohesive look, or opt for a complementary design that adds visual interest. Some anniversary rings are designed to nestle perfectly against existing rings, creating a seamless and elegant stack. For example, if your partner's current set features a Princess cut Lab Sapphire Wedding Band in Rose Gold, You could go for a match made in heaven by selecting an anniversary ring that mirrors these qualities-perhaps a Vintage Round Cut Natural Sapphire Cluster Ring, also in rose gold?

Considering Lifestyle and Daily Wear

Daily activities can put varying degrees of stress on jewelry. For someone with a hands-on job or who enjoys active hobbies like gardening or sports, a ring is more exposed to potential knocks, scrapes, and exposure to chemicals. These factors can affect the ring's longevity and appearance. On the flip side, a person with a more sedentary or desk-based job might not need such hardy materials.

Select the Durable Metal


Platinum Moissanite Anniversary


Each metal has its own properties of hardness and resistance to tarnishing. Platinum is incredibly durable and maintains its luster without much maintenance, making it ideal for people who use their hands a lot in their work or play. Gold, while still resilient, comes in various karats. The higher the karat, the softer the gold, so a 14k gold may be preferable for durability compared to an 18k gold if your partner leads an active lifestyle.

Choose the Setting Carefully

The gemstone setting is equally important as the choice of metal. If your partner is active, settings like bezel or flush may be apt as they protect gemstones by enclosing them. A high-set prong setting might be more prone to catching and requires more careful handling.

Setting a Budget for Your Anniversary Ring

Approaching the task of setting a budget for an anniversary ring with a clear-headed strategy not only helps prevent financial strain but can also make the shopping experience far less stressful.

Examine Your Finances

Start by looking at your savings and monthly expenses. Determine what amount would be comfortable for you to spend without compromising other financial goals and responsibilities.

Research Average Costs

Browse online, visit jewelers, or even consult friends to get a sense of what rings cost these days. Prices can swing dramatically based on factors like current market trends, designer names, and material costs. Understanding the landscape will set realistic expectations.

Alternative Materials and Gems

You don't have to stick to diamonds and platinum to find a beautiful ring. Consider alternative metals like sterling silver, titanium, or white gold, which are often more affordable. For gemstones, look beyond diamonds to sapphires, moissanite, or even lab-created stones that offer brilliance and beauty at a fraction of the cost.

Craft Your Love Legacy with the Perfect Anniversary Ring


Gold Moissanite Anniversary Set


An anniversary ring, is a symbol of the past, present, and future you're crafting together. It's a good opportunity to celebrate your love and commitment in a tangible and lasting way. Before you make the final decision, you'd better consider factors like personal taste, symbolic significance, lifestyle, comfort, and compatibility with existing jewelry. Now with this knowledge equipped, it's time to start the next chapter of your romance adorned with a symbol that will endure as steadfastly as your commitment to each other.