• Moonstone Jewelry 101: Everything You Need to Know

    Moonstone Jewelry 101: Everything You Need to Know

    Ever since Kristen Stewart’s character Bella wore a gold moonstone ring in the Twilight series, moonstone jewelry has enjoyed renewed pop culture significance.  In interviews after the series wrapped, Stewart told reporters that Bella’s moonstone ring had become part of her personal jewelry collection. The film even inspired its own line of official moonstone jewelry. You don’t need to be a fan of the Twilight saga, though, to appreciate...
  • Moissanite History

    Moissanite History

    Fifty thousand years ago a meteorite crashed into the Arizona desert creating what is now known as "Meteor Crater." Fragments of this meteorite were scattered across the desert. Hidden in these fragments was a brilliant secret waiting to be discovered. In 1893, Nobel-Prize winning scientist Henri Moissan began studying fragments of this meteorite in nearby Diablo Canyon. In these fragments Dr. Moissan discovered minute...
  • What is Moissanite?

    What is Moissanite?

    Possessing fire, brilliance, and luster that far surpasses even that of a diamond, Moissanite twinkles and sparkles unlike any gemstone on earth. Composed of carbon and silicon, the Moissanite crystal is one of the hardest and toughest known elements on earth, making it extremely resistant to scratching, chipping and breaking.  Moissanite, also known as silicon carbide, was first discovered in minute quantities from particles carried to earth by a...
  • Moissanite vs. Diamond

    Moissanite vs. Diamond

    For centuries couples around the world have worn wedding rings as a symbol of their love and the commitment to each other. Although diamonds were at times used for engagement rings, it wasn't until the discovery of the Kimberley diamond mine in South Africa in 1870's that diamonds became widely available, and not until the 1940's that the DeBeers company cemented society's fixation on...
  • Moissanite Care & Cleaning

    Moissanite Care & Cleaning

    Moissanites do need care to keep them at their brilliant best. A clean Moissanite will reflect light better and allow its fire and brilliance to show. That added brilliancy makes the Moissanite look larger than one that has been "dulled" by oil from the skin, soaps, cosmetics and everyday activites.  One of the advantages of Moissanite over diamonds or any diamond alternative available is...
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