About Us

New York Artist's Love Tale through Jewelry: Nobel Yates

In the vibrant, multicultural metropolis of New York City, there is an artist with a deep passion for art and design. He understands that every love story is unique, like each gem he holds in his hand. Consequently, he founded Nobel Yates, hoping to express the exceptional love of each couple in special moments through exquisite jewelry.

The main products of Nobel Yates are wedding rings and engagement rings, each designed with a modern take on the Art Deco style. Originating from the early 20th century, Art Deco combines novelty with classiness, elegance with modernity. Its symmetrical lines, geometric patterns, and bold colors symbolize modernity and avant-garde, which grants Nobel Yates a unique design language.

Every piece created by our artist founder carries a symbolism of timelessness, embodying eternal love. To him, every love story should withstand the test of time, like the Art Deco style; even as the years go by and seasons change, the traces of love remain clear. This embodies the core spirit of the Nobel Yates brand - safeguarding each couple's unique love story.

He, heavily involved in every step of the design and manufacturing process, strives to turn each ring into a work of art, giving new life to each stone and metal, and interpreting their stories. This is his relentless pursuit of beauty and respect for customers: only the best suits your precious love.

Nobel Yates, tells love stories through jewelry and you can find its presence at every romantic moment. It's not just a brand, but a longing and commitment towards love, a mission, a belief to honor each fleeting yet everlasting love.