Celebrating Summer Wedding:Pros and Cons

Written by Jackie Chen


Posted on April 18 2024

As the summer sun bathes the earth, a summer wedding is ready to awaken every slumbering romantic sentiment. Under the bright blue sky and white clouds, all you see are vibrant flowers everywhere. Be it the tender pink roses, the pristine white lilies, or the fiery sunflowers, they are all in full bloom, symbolizing the colorful and wonderful life that is about to start for the newlyweds. Here are some suggestions for those who are about to hold a summer wedding.


Pros of a Summer Wedding:

1. Diversity Increases Quality: The variety of summer weddings is not only enjoyable for the couple but also for the guests. The fun part about summer weddings is the menu and catering possibilities. With a plethora of options available, you can serve local cheeses, freshly harvested fruits, and high-quality meat.

2. Extended Daylight: The hard-to-beat long days and enchanting nights of summer offer ample flexibility in scheduling your wedding ceremony. There's no pressure to cram activities into a short window, and as the evening temperature drops to a comfortable level, it makes for an enjoyable experience for all.

3. An Open Sky Reception: As the sun disappears, the weather becomes more pleasant. You can light a campfire, roast marshmallows, and encourage your guests to dance under gleaming streams of fairy lights. 

4. Late Night Bliss: Summer weddings are great for those who enjoy late-night festivities. However, to avoid excessive heat, schedule the ceremony at cooler hours, like 6 or 6:30 p.m., and serve dinner afterward.

5. Floral Bounty: Summer is the best season for flowers. Everything you fancy on your Pinterest board is readily available. Flowers are in full bloom, offering diverse color schemes. Just imagine walking down the aisle with the perfect bouquet!

Cons of a Summer Wedding:

1. Heat Hazards: High temperatures are a key concern for summer weddings. “A bride sweating off her hair and makeup due to excessive heat, especially in 100 plus degree weather, is not a desirable sight,” warns Leo.

2. Guest Comfort: Extreme heat can cause discomfort and distraction among guests. Keeping everyone focused and comfortable can be challenging.

3. Guest Availability: Summer is a popular vacation period. Your potential guests might have already planned trips, meaning they may not be available to attend your wedding. To counter this, send save-the-date cards early to your most important guests.

4. Required Planning Time: While short engagements work in other seasons, summer weddings require more advance planning. Top vendors get booked months ahead, so sufficient lead time is needed. If you want a summer wedding, consider having a longer engagement.

5. Harsh Lighting: Summer equals sunshine, which can cause overexposed or harshly lit photos. The strong light may affect the quality of your pictures and limit the locations you can use for your photoshoot. This should be taken into account, as these snapshots will be your lasting memories.